How to Install a Flat Sprinkler Cap on the Sprinkler Head


In the event that you have sprinkler heads that are excessively near one another or need to avoid overwatering in a specific territory, you might need to top a particular sprinkler head. To top a sprinkler head, you’ll need to evacuate the current sprinkler top and supplant it with a level top that will keep water from streaming into that head. You can likewise totally evacuate the sprinkler head and top it with a PVC pipe top. 

Find or buy a sprinkler top or attachment that is good with your framework. 

Your sprinkler framework ought to have initially accompanied the level of plastic tops or attachments that fit over your sprinkler head. These top attachment up the water and keep it from being scattered on your grass or nursery. On the off chance that you can’t discover the top that accompanied your framework, you might have the option to buy it on the producer’s site or at an equipment store.

Every sprinkler framework will utilize an alternate measured top, so it’s ideal to discover one made explicitly for your framework. 

Clear the dirt around the sprinkler framework. 

Find the valve that controls the water that siphons through your sprinkler framework and turn the valve clockwise to kill the water. This will keep water from streaming out of the framework while you top the sprinkler head.

The shut-off valve for your sprinkler framework is regularly on your home. 

Stop valves on sprinkler frameworks are generally blue. 

Clear the earth around the sprinkler head. 

Utilize a cultivating scoop to burrow a 1–2 in (2.5–5.1 cm) gap around the sprinkler head. Set the soil as an afterthought with the goal that you can utilize it later to top off the hole.

Clearing the soil from the highest point of the sprinkler head will guarantee that it doesn’t enter your framework when you unscrew the head’s top. 

Expel the top from the sprinkler head. 

Turn the highest point of the head counterclockwise to expel the top. In the event that you can’t expel the top, utilize a couple of forceps to extricate it. Keep unthreading the highest point of the sprinkler head until it’s removed.

Screw the new top onto the sprinkler head. 

Spot the level plastic top made for your framework over the strings on the highest point of your sprinkler head. Turn the top clockwise to fix it.

Top off the opening and turn on the framework. 

Turn the water supply valve counterclockwise. Turn on your water system or sprinkler framework and look at the sprinkler head you topped. No water ought to be leaving it.

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